10 Movies With Values To watch As a Family

movies watch family

movies watch family

Television can be very good and educational as long as you control what children see and choose movies that convey essential values such as friendship, tolerance or love. If you don’t know what movies to watch with your children, we give you some ideas:

Beauty and the Beast

movies watch family


“Beauty is on the inside”. The main song of the film said it clearly: “There is no greater truth, beauty is in the heart.” The 1991 Disney classic teaches us that you don’t have to look only at the outward appearance or judge people before meeting them. We must give everyone a chance since what matters is how people behave and behave, not their external beauty.


Toy Story

movies watch family



Another classic of Disney, this year 1995, does not teach the value of friendship and how two people, a priori very different, can end up becoming great friends and helping each other. A film, in addition, very funny that usually enchants all children.



movies watch family



The great success of Disney 4 years ago, especially among girls, tells us about brotherly love and how brothers should always love and support each other.



movies watch family



Friendship, care of nature, perseverance … there are many values that appear throughout this beautiful 2009 film in which an old widower feels lonely and lost until he meets a young explorer with whom he will live a fantastic adventure.


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movies watch family



The brave Merida, daughter of the kings Fergus and Elinor, is not willing to fulfill the role assigned to her just because she is a woman. On his way, he will discover how important is his mother’s love, courage and sacrificing himself for others. A film that also talks about equality between men and women.


The Lion King

movies watch family



Another classic of Disney, this year 1994, which tells us about courage, friendship, family … A beautiful film that new generations still like. The beginning is only a little sad, but it can also be a starting point to talk to children about the death of a loved one.


Mary Poppins

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From 1964, but there are movies that never go out of style. A family in which the father is overturned at work and absent in the lives of his children, will change radically with the arrival of the eccentric nanny Mary Poppins. A film full of magic and charm that speaks of family love, the importance of the father figure in the education of children, friendship, etc.


Mrs. Doubtfire

movies watch family



A funny comedy starring Robin Williams that is about a father who, before the separation of his family, decides to impersonate a woman and babysit to spend more time with his children. Again issues such as love from parents to children and family appear as the central axis of a movie.



movies watch family



This fun insect movie that talks about values such as collaboration, teamwork, helping others or how a group of people, united, can change the world and improve it.



movies watch family



The last of this list is this 1999 Disney film in which values such as friendship, cooperation, respect for the environment or equality among all are taught.


Which of these films do you think is better? Specify with comments.

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movies watch family

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