Fine And Gross Motor Activities For Your Children

Gross motor activities

These activities and exercises of fine and gross motor skills are ideal for your children and that enhance their motor development.

From running a marathon to brushing your teeth, all your actions involve motor skills. Thick motor skills include running, jumping and other large movements, while fine motor skills are small movements, such as taking a pencil and writing. The two types of skills often develop together in preschool and elementary school. Parents can help that development by preparing small and thick motor activities with their children.

Next we are going to give you some ideas so you can work on these activities to develop fine and thick motor skills with your children. Thus, you will be boosting all its capacity so that it has an adequate motor development of hills.

Art Projects

Artistic activities are a creative way to develop fine motor skills. It is advisable to draw with crayons or markers, cut with scissors, play with clay and tear paper into strips to use in collage or papier mache.

Fine Motor Games

Children enjoy practicing fine motor skills in the form of games. Fishing games are popular: children have to use one hand to remove the toy fish while holding the line with the other hand. The game with marbles, or any game that requires the use of hands with precise movements, will be good ideas for working fine motor skills.

Sewing Activities

You can introduce young children to fine motor sewing skills without using needles. Give the children pieces of yarn with a dry penne noodle tied at one end and a piece of tape around the other end. Children use the tape as a needle to thread other noodles in the thread. Tie the two ends in a collar at the end.

Gross motor activities

Ball Game

Ball activities help develop gross motor skills. Kicking a ball from side to side teaches children to balance on one foot while touching the ball with the other foot. Throwing balls develops hand coordination. To make the pitch fun, place a pile of blocks and let the children try to hit it with the ball.

Gross Motor Games

Turn gross engine development into a game. Tell the children to stand up, feel, lean over, or touch their toes with “Simon says”. Have children mimic the movements of a few animals, or play a shadow game where you can jump and move like children.

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses provide entertaining ways to practice gross motor activities. You can use almost anything for accessories. Place jump ropes or hula hoops so children can jump on them; establish cones as an obstacle course by bicycle; or let the children in and out of it, and, of course, bounce, the tires placed on the ground.

If you use your imagination, you can think of many more activities so that your children can develop their fine and gross motor skills depending on their personal abilities. Think also about the goals you want to achieve in terms of your children, their real abilities and the tastes and interests they have. In order for your children to participate in the activities they propose, they must be motivating for them, so think about activities that they enjoy and enjoy doing them. In this way, in addition to having a good time, you will also be working on that gross and fine motor that will allow them to have a good motor development in every way.

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