Games For a 6 Month Old Babies

Games For a 6 Month Old Baby

games 6 month babies

Six-month-old babies already begin to spend much less time sleeping and are much more active. Therefore, parents must prepare to deplete much of that emerging energy of the child with appropriate games that favor their learning and cognitive, physical and emotional development.

At six months, babies begin to need a play space enabled, with objects and toys that help them move, react and entertain. At this age, they already smile, and are very curious to want to observe the behavior of others, especially those that are exaggerated, such as mimicry.

Six-month-old babies often babble a lot and make sounds that will be the preamble of speech. They also clearly protest when someone removes something from what they were playing or experiencing.
We propose a series of games for babies of six months, with which you can stimulate and develop their psychomotor and cognitive abilities, but, above all, make you much happier!

Because what baby doesn’t like to play with her parents?

Games for 6 months old babies

In relation to their psychomotor development, normally, six-month-old babies know how to sit and hold on. They can stand a long time, if someone holds them. Although each baby has a different learning rhythm, at this age they already want to start moving on the floor, and try to reach crawling objects.

As for their cognitive abilities, with six months, babies already know that they can manipulate things they find in their environment: if they hit, they can emit a sound, and if they throw something, they can move it, that is, they have already learned a lot about the cause-effect relationship. A fundamental learning to make the games a little more complex.

Let’s tear down buildings!

Games For a 6 Month Old BabiesPerhaps, your little one still has a hard time building castles with plastic blocks (big enough so he can’t swallow them). However, you will know very well how to throw them to the ground. In this case, parents can build a building with colored blocks and invite the child to tear it down. This will make you develop your hand-eye coordination ability, and on the other hand, when the blocks fall to the ground, an acoustic effect will be achieved that you will love.

Let the child destroy the building at will, play with the blocks, touch the shapes and observe the colors. Although building a little castle behind another is not the funniest task in the world, think that, with this game, the child is learning and enjoying a lot!

Surprise! Games for Babies

Suprise for ChildrenClowns with springs coming out of boxes could still give the baby some fear or surprise him too much. However, the concept of “surprise” enchants babies of this age. For example, you can use toys or materials that you find at home, especially if they are colorful and shine.

A good idea, for example, is to make a hole in a plastic can or glass and stick a stick through the base. On this stick, you can hook some funny toy or puppet, so that, when you slide the stick down, the toy hides in the can, and, when you slide it up, the doll suddenly appears! If you say the word “surprise!” when the toy appears, you will get his attention even more.

Look at everything that happens!

Let’s tear down buildingsBabies love to watch what happens, and they are increasingly aware of the cause-effect notion. A good idea to further develop this cognitive ability is to use finger puppets of many colors. Put them on your fingers and make them talk, emitting different and funny sounds!

Face each other, use decorations, lighting, etc. Although the baby will not understand the story, much less appreciate the scenery, he will enjoy watching how things happen, how the dolls interact and what voices you give them.

Obviously, you don’t need to use only finger puppets; You can use any type of toy, or even objects, as long as they are colorful and capture the child’s attention.

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games 6 month babies

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