Laughing Videos For Children: The Funniest!

Laughing Videos For Children:

Laughing children videos

Laughing out loud is one of the healthiest activities to share as a family. Are you looking for videos that make you laugh? We have selected six laugh videos for kids with their favorite cartoons. Hit the ‘play’!

Although there is no need to suppress any feeling or emotion, it is much better to cry with laughter than with grief. Laughter is contagious and very healthy, because it activates the endorphins of our brain, which make us feel good and see life with optimism and joy.

Precisely for this reason, it is so important to instill in the children how good it is to laugh and face life with a sense of humor, from a very young age. Thus, when they are older, they will learn to relativize their problems and concerns. As the song says: ‘Don’t worry, be happy’. That is, live without worries and be happy.

There are many ways to laugh: with friends making nonsense, telling jokes, doing something funny, explaining a funny story … And, of course, watching videos that make people laugh.

Today many videos of this type circulate on the Internet, but most are aimed at the adult audience. However, what about the children? What laugh videos for parents and children can you find?

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The 6 laugh videos for funniest kids!

Here are six laugh videos specially designed to make your children laugh with them. They are fragments of some of his favorite cartoons, such as the Minions or SpongeBob. We have selected the funniest ones to giggle with laughter.

The Minions

This video compiles different gags of the endearing Minions that children like so much. In it you can see scenes as fun as one in which a Minion has fun listening to the sound of a cow when turning a box or another in which a Minion farts in front of another that falls dizzy

The Animals of ‘Madagascar’

This video is a selection of the funniest scenes starring the cute animals of the movie ‘Madagascar’. For example, one in which the funny penguins prepare a trap for a group of tourists who go on safari and steal their car, as if they were real strategists in the art of stealing.

Patrick Star SpongeBob

Patricio Estrella is SpongeBob’s best friend and one of the most popular characters in this cartoon series, as he stars in many fun and casual scenes, such as the ones shown below, that take more than a laugh at the little ones.

A Classic, Tom and Jerry

The adventures of Tom, the clumsy kitten, and Jerry, the cunning mouse, are a classic among cartoon classics, which many generations have enjoyed in their childhood, without the need for a single word in all the action. Here is a compilation of some of his most fun adventures.

Some Nice Little Birds

This short film by Pixar about the problems of a group of little birds by sharing the electric cable in which they are taking the fresh one with another bird different from them causes many laughs among the children.

The Cool Squirrel of ‘Ice Age’

One of the most popular characters in the saga of ‘Ice Age’ films is Scrat, the persevering squirrel who constantly struggles to get her most precious treasure: the acorn that wants to eat and savor. Here a fragment of his high-pitched adventures to achieve his desired acorn.

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