Martial Arts For Children: Why Are They Good?

Martial Arts Children

Martial arts are one of the oldest and most effective training methods, because they not only work the body, but also the mind. Children get very well involved with this type of sport and get many benefits from it. We explain which ones!

The practice of martial arts by children is very beneficial, as it gives them physical training while helping to calm the mind. But when and why enroll your child in a martial arts academy for children? In this article, we explain in detail what are the benefits of this type of training and the recommended age to start developing it:

From what age are martial arts recommended for children?

It depends on the type of martial art that is chosen. For example, according to experts, you can start practicing karate after three years. However, if the preference is another type of modality, it is recommended to wait until five years. With judo, for example, a much higher level of concentration and ability is required, as well as coordination and self-control capacity. Normally, children under the age of five are usually not prepared to face this type of discipline.

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However, there are schools that have developed martial arts programs for children between two and four years of age. Normally, classes tend to focus on the ability to concentrate through specialized techniques, which can come in handy for the most moved children. On the other hand, in these programs, psychomotor skills are also developed, such as balance, control or coordination, always focusing the classes in the form of a game so that they are not so cumbersome.

Therefore, we recommend that, before enrolling your child in a martial arts school for children, you inform yourself about the programs adapted to their age that they can offer.

What are the benefits of martial arts?

With martial arts techniques, children learn basic fundamentals of Asian disciplines that are very beneficial for physical and emotional health. The little ones not only become familiar with the movements and skills, but also acquire a series of rules of conduct that are essential to develop this type of training effectively and efficiently.

Health is one of the fundamental pillars of martial arts, so when some modality is exercised, the muscles are stretched, the cardiovascular system is worked on and greater flexibility is acquired. On the other hand, children learn to understand the concept of self-discipline and to concentrate on a task until it is finished.

It is important to emphasize that, although in the martial arts kicks, punches and blockages are used, children are taught above all that respect is even more important and that it is above any movement. Instructors, for example, teach their students to bow to their teachers, who learned before them, and to deal with other learners as equals. They also instill respect for oneself, for their parents and their friends.

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