The Congress Of The Mice – Short Fables for Children

The Mice Congress

fables congress mice

The short fables The congress of mice, written by Samaniego, teaches children that it is very easy to have and propose ideas but it is not always as easy to make them. Short fables are an excellent way to convey values and teachings to our children. It is a very useful read for children.

Tired of the continuous attacks of a huge cat, the mice gather to find a solution. Could it be that they will find it?

Short Fable for Children: The Mice Congress

The Congress Of The Mice Once upon a time there was a family of mice that lived in the pantry of a house, but always fearing the attacks of a huge cat, the mice did not want to leave. Whether out of day or night this terrible enemy had them guarded.

One day they decided to end the problem, so they held an assembly at the request of the head of the mice, who was the oldest of all.

The head of the mice told those present:

I have sent you together to find a solution together. We can’t live like this!

I ask the permission to talk! – Said a very attentive mouse – Let’s tie a rattle to the cat, and so we will know at all times where he is going. The sound will put us on alert and we can escape on time.

Such an interesting proposal was accepted by all rodents among great applause and happiness. With the rattle they would be saved, because their bell would warn of the arrival of the enemy in time to get safe.

Silence! – Shouted the boss mouse, and then say: An important question remains: Who of all will put the rattle on the cat?

Upon hearing this, the little mice suddenly fell silent, very quiet, because they could not answer that question. Suddenly everyone began to feel fear. And everyone, absolutely everyone, ran back to their caves, hungry and sad.

Moral: It is easier to propose ideas than to carry them out

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