The Fortune Teller – Short Fables For Children

The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller is a very short fable for children. It is part of the stories of Aesop, a famous fable writer who lived in the 600th century BC and that, mainly wrote stories about animals.

Fables are stories that hide a teaching, called a moral. This makes them very good.

Short story of the fortune teller

The Fortune Teller

Installed in the public square, a fortune teller surrendered to his trade. A neighbor next to her approached her, saying that her house door was open and that they had stolen everything inside.

He jumped up and ran to his house, disengaged and sighing, to see what had happened.

One of those who were there, watching him run, said:

-Hey, friend, you who boast of anticipating what will happen to others, why have you not anticipated what would happen to you?

He did not know what to answer.

Moral: do not trust those who say they can guess the future of others. They just pretend to cheat us and take our money.

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