The Story of ‘The Ugly Duckling’

ugly duckling

Among the classic children’s stories is that of ‘The ugly duckling’, a story that children often like. We tell you this beautiful story so you can explain it to your children and discover, with them, what their morals are.

One of the most popular children’s stories of all time and that we have all known as children is the story of ‘The ugly duckling‘, which tells the misfortunes of a duckling that is born different from others, being dark fur and rather ugly when the rest of his brothers are beautiful. The poor duck grows self-conscious and unhappy, feeling different from others and looking ugly and rejected by everyone. However, growing up it becomes a beautiful swan, as it always had been without knowing it. In that way, he becomes the most beautiful of the animals in the pond, something he couldn’t even dream of.

The story of ‘The ugly duckling’ has a very instructive moral for children:

You should not judge someone by their appearance, because beauty lies inside. In the case of the duckling, when he is ugly everyone rejects him, but instead, when he becomes a swan, everyone wants to hear from him. It is important to educate children in the fact of not rejecting anyone for their appearance, treating everyone equally, since rejecting another child for being different from the rest in some aspect, can have very serious consequences for him: feeling inferior, insecure, with very low self-esteem … It is important to emphasize to children the moral of the story of ‘The ugly duckling‘.

The story of ‘The ugly duckling’

Once upon a time there was a farm where all the animals were waiting for the birth of the mother’s leg chicks, which could arrive at any time. And then, the hottest day of the summer, mama pata suddenly heard … “quack, quack!” and saw when he got up how one by one the little chicks began to break the shell. All but one.

  • That’s a turkey egg! – He said an old leg to Mom Paw.
  • It doesn’t matter, I’ll give it a little more heat to get it out.

But when it finally came out, it turned out to be a totally different duck than the rest. He was big and ugly, and he didn’t look like a turkey. The rest of the animals in the pen soon noticed their appearance and began to laugh at him.

His mother defended him but after a while he didn’t know what to say. The ducks pecked him, the turkeys chased him and the chickens made fun of him. In the end, his own mother ended up convinced that he was an ugly and silly duck and told him to leave.

The poor duck felt very sad to hear those words and ran away at everyone’s rejection. He ended up in a swamp where he met two wild geese who, despite their ugliness, wanted to be his friends. But one day some hunters appeared there and killed them. In fact, the duck was about to run the same fate as his friends, if not because the dogs saw him and decided not to bite him.

He continued his journey and ended up in the house of an elderly woman who lived with a cat and a chicken. But since he was not able to lay eggs, he also had to leave that place. Until an autumn sunset he watched the sky and saw a flock of very pretty big birds. He did not know, but they were not birds, but swans. He wished with all his might to be one of them, but he opened his eyes and realized that he was still ugly.

After the autumn, the cold winter arrived and the duckling passed many calamities. One very cold day he got into the pond and froze. Luckily he had a farmer see him and get him out of there. Despite the harsh winter, during which he went hungry and cold, he managed to survive until finally spring came.

One afternoon when the sun began to warm up he decided to go to the park to contemplate the flowers. There he saw in the pond two of those big white and majestic birds that he had seen flying in the fall. He was spellbound again looking at them, but this time he had the courage to approach them. He flew to where they were and then, something caught his attention in his reflection. Where was the image of the big and ugly duck it was? In its place was a swan! He had become a swan! It always had been. From that day the duckling had all the happiness that until then life had denied him.

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