Three Essentials for “Back to School” of A Child of 3 Years

Essentials School

Essentials School

The return to school is never easy and the previous days are usually of absolute madness because who else, who less, we all leave something for the last moment and if we do not lack the gown, we are missing the passport photos, and if you do not win them Let that course begin. Because there are many mothers who are looking forward to the return to routine, but I am infinitely lazy to leave behind the summer days and the chaos that means.

If there is a complicated beginning of school, it is the first year of “older school” and it is that our babies stop being such babies and begin to live experiences that are sometimes easy to get used to and sometimes not so much.

After my experience this year, I think there are 3 essential for the beginning of the course of a 3 year old boy, 3 essential very basic but sometimes between so much paraphernalia of personalized backpacks, books and glasses with handle (which I call it cup, but that in the eyes of schools should not be the same) are lost and go unnoticed.

Comfortable, resistant and easy to wear footwear

Let us think that the feet are the basis of the body of our children, their support. On them they will run, jump, dance, walk on the sand and crawl through the patio. They are going to take off and put on their shoes one and a thousand times throughout the day and most of the time they should do it alone (or almost).

So yes, those beautiful velvet boots with infinite laces, which you also have to have because they are ideal of death, will be perfect to go for a walk on Saturday afternoon but are totally ruled out to go to school. The most comfortable, at least for us, are sneakers with velcro or those that combine elastic laces with velcro, and we try to choose brands that we know always offer quality and resistance.

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Essentials School

Clothes easy to remove and compatible with “peeing”

I will not say that to go to school it is necessary that children go with comfortable clothes because I think it is obvious. What we sometimes forget is that when they are so small in school they encourage autonomy a lot and it is important for us to make things easy for them. For example, zip-up sweatshirts are perfect for them because they can take them off and put them on (with the famous method of throwing them on the floor) themselves. On the other hand, if we put on a normal sweatshirt, without a zipper, it is almost impossible that they can take it off themselves. This year we have bought a pair in Levi’s that are not badly priced and also very resistant (fundamental).

On the other hand, with the beginning of school at age three, many of the children have already left the diaper behind and others are in the process. It is important that they are able to get off and get their pants on easily and go to the bathroom themselves “alone”, so nothing too tight pants, or anything with complicated straps or buttons. We pull a lot of mayas, which are tight but not too much and Kamlyn climbs them up and down wonderfully. Normally we buy them in Levi’s or H&M.

Lunch box suitable for children’s hands

Not at all, but in many schools, 3 year old children bring their own lunch box with lunch. In this case, it is not worth with any “ bottle”, but we must think of a model that they can open and close easily. From my point of view, if the lunchbox has compartments it is more attractive to them and helps the lunch arrive safely and safely to their destination. If you also have a small boat where you can put things (always easy to open), better than better.

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Essentials School

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