What Is “Time-Out” In Positive?

Time-Out Positive

With the method “time out positive” parents accompany the child at all times and listen.

If you are a mother or father you will have heard about the famous “thinking chair” or “time-out“, two methods used to correct certain behaviors of the smallest of the house. These methods have been criticized by a part of society since they are totally away from what positive parenting and a good education in children represents. That is why in recent years it has emerged as an alternative to the previous methods: “time was positive”, a perfect strategy when correcting bad behaviors and based on a totally positive discipline. Then we explain why you should opt for such a method when recriminating unwanted behavior.

What Is The Time Out Of Positive?

Time-Out PositiveIn spite of how little defensible and reprehensible it may seem, a large part of society still opts for physical punishment or shouting when it comes to treating a child’s misconduct. This is what the famous “thinking chair” method pursues and although it is accepted by society, the truth is that it does not usually respect the child as well as mistreat it. In the case of positive weather, a good alternative is sought that allows the children to be educated in a respectful and firm manner.

The “time-out positive” method is intended to convey to children that although their behavior has not been adequate at all, their parents still love and love him. It is not good to isolate the child in a corner since at that time what he needs most is the love and support of his own parents. With the “time-out positive” parents accompany the child at all times and listen to him, understanding his feelings and emotions.

However, there is a critical part to this method since they understand that making the child feel good is like rewarding him for his bad behavior. This is not true at all since it is normal for the child to do something that has done wrong, seek comfort and warmth from his parents. If you feel loved, it is quite likely that your behavior will cease as well as understanding certain important values such as empathy.

How To Apply Time Is Positive?

The positive time can be applied in a multitude of situations such as paddles, sibling fights or bad behaviors. If in the end you opt for this method, it is good that you follow some of the following guidelines:

1) Before starting to use this method, it is advisable to inform the child about the end of it and how useful it can be when solving various problems.

2) It is recommended that the corner used to send the child be chosen by the whole family. It must be a cozy place in the house so it is worth decorating it so that it is a place that helps the child to relax and calm down.

3) It is very important that young children always go to that corner accompanied by their parents as it is essential that the child feels wrapped at all times. You must feel comfortable so you can think and calm down.

4) Over time it is possible that the child wants to go alone to that corner. When you are comfortable in it, you will go to that corner when you need it or when you think you have done wrong.

5) Thanks to the child’s relaxation, it will be much easier and easier to be able to speak and dialogue with the child and be able to find the best possible solutions to that bad behavior or behavior.

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Time-Out Positive

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