What to do if I suspect that my child is abused at school?

suspect abused school

suspect abused school

This week we had a training on the protocol of action in case of abuse in schools and I think it is important to share what we learned, because not always the teachers realize, there are times that parents arrive saying «I suspect that my child suffers from abuse in school »and it is very important to know what to do.

If you do not want to read everything and want to know what to do if my child suffers abuse at school, I give you a summary:

The document explains the responsibilities of the parents.

Know the normative and school organization documents issued by the Ministry of Public Education, through each of the Local Educational Authorities and those of an internal nature of the campus.

Know the information of the educational and administrative authority with whom to resort for the application of prevention actions and / or if necessary, execute action actions.

Observe and be alert to any change in student behavior inside and outside the classroom and school grounds.

Go to school and report all cases in which abnormal behaviors are observed in minors.

Formally notify the group teacher and the school’s authority of any finding and / or indicator associated with the possibility of child sexual abuse, bullying and abuse.

Participate in the activities of the school improvement route of the school where your child attends, whenever required.

Establish presence, permanent communication, observe the fulfillment of school activities of your youngest child that contribute to the fulfillment of the minimum school normality.

Attend the recommendations that the teacher / principal may request for the integral well-being, school learning and school life of your child.

Know and be an active part of the work program implemented by the Committees of the School Social Participation Council.

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What to do if I suspect that my child is abused at school?

In case of any suspicion, the first thing is to inform the teacher in a formal way who will give notice to the immediate educational authority (principal).

When we say formally, it means in writing. Setting dates, describing facts and ending with the signature. We deliver the trade and we have to sign a copy of received.

As of the date of receipt, the educational authorities have two weeks to respond equally in writing to the request we deliver.

In case we do not receive a response or the one we receive is not compatible with our suspicions or needs, we can escalate to the following educational authority.

First the principal is notified, then supervisor of the school zone, then inspector and we finish with the heads of sector or department of the SEP of your state or municipality.

It is very important that you remember that if your child suffers abuse at school or suspects, it is best to take action giving the complaint and if possible, remove it from the place where they are being harmed as soon as possible in case of not receiving favorable response from part of the school

Has your child suffered abuse at school? How have you handled it?

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