When should we stop using the baby diaper?

Stop Baby Diaper

Stop Baby Diaper

July was our chosen month to begin with the diaper operation officially, although during June we made a kind of “prior” to go a little groping the ground and motivate it with the issue.

As in almost everything, in this diaper operation, each teacher has his booklet and I, who knew about this rather little let me advise by the nursery school teachers, who know about poop, pee and diaper withdrawals a lot, very much. We listened to them, yes, although not 100%, because if every child is a world, we can be free to cover some guidelines, right?

One thing is clear, it is essential to wait for them to be prepared both physically and psychologically, but it will be like hitting us against the wall and frustrating for us, but especially for them.

Everything I share with you, as you know, is always from my experience, they are not absolute truths, nor am I a professional on the subject. I’m just a mom who has been through this experience and wants to share it.

And how do I know if my son is prepared?

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Stop Baby Diaper

Physical factors of diaper operation

There are certain clues that will indicate that on a physical level, the boy or girl is prepared. It is important that we observe their attitude, their gestures. The diaper may start to bother you and want to take it off or spend time without it.

Sometimes, they begin to be aware that they “pee” and stop their activity, stop playing, stay still and resume what they were doing once they have finished. There are children who even seek privacy and hide when they feel they are peeing.

There are those who begin to express it with words and are able to say “pee” or “poop” during or even before doing so. I thought that this was a fundamental point to start with the diaper operation, in fact, ignorant of me, I thought it was essential that my daughter express that need to start removing her diaper, but no, it is not necessary.

And what is the essential part then? The fundamental thing is that they control the sphincter, they will learn to put words to what is happening to them. It was at the nursery school that they told us that Olivia was already prepared to start the diaper operation. They identified it, along with other factors, in a very simple way: Dry diapers.

When the child begins to be able to have a dry diaper for an hour or more, several times throughout the day is that his sphincter is able to retain, to “hold on”, and it can surely be the starting point for giving the step to “goodbye diaper, hello panties (or briefs)”.

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Psychological factors of the diaper operation

It is essential that they be able to control their phincter as far as it is physically concerned, which is totally necessary to begin with the diaper operation, but there is another necessary factor without which our diaper operation will fail.

The psychological, emotional factor, the willingness of our children to want to take off their diapers and pee where they have to. Because one thing is that they are very disturbed by the diaper and want to walk in pellets at home, or that they love sitting in the potty, which is a very funny novelty and that makes them very funny and another very different is that you want to sit in the potty to pee.

There are children who are immediately motivated and love to pee in their potty (or in the water), and others who have a terrible time if they have to sit in it. Olivia was more of the latter. It’s not that he suffered for doing it, it’s that he didn’t want to sit down, period. It did not catch his attention, the potty was not an object he wanted to use.

Before starting with the “definitive diaper operation“, we decided to do a “preliminary test”. For a month, we decided to ask her regularly if she wanted to pee and motivate her with stickers. We made a calendar (you can see it in the following photo), in which she was putting a “star” sticker every time she sat and a “cool” sticker when besides sitting she peed, two if she pooped.

I know that there are those who do not agree to reward these attitudes, in the nursery itself they told us that we should not do it, that we should take it as something natural and not give it more importance than it has. As natural as going to work every day, and hey, I love having my Christmas basket as a “prize” every year. So, singing stickers.

And it worked. That way he sat down. Sometimes when we “invited her to sit”, other times she decided on her own. Sometimes he wore panties, other diapers. Nothing serious, all very relaxed, seeing how he was acting before starting the final diaper operation.

We also bought a book on the subject: I go alone to the bathroom. A girl who pees, poops, farts and sings a song. All a bit eschatological but she loved to flip through it and dance the song, making her see the subject in a fun way.

That way, at the end of June we had a girl with a calendar in the bathroom full of stickers of fish and mermaids (from the cool ones), who apparently controlled sphincters and also wanted to sit in the water, a full one for us.

And what happened in July? We enter fully into the diaper operation, with successful days and catastrophic days. I’ll tell you in another post!

What are your thoughts and suggestions?

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Stop Baby Diaper

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